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e are creating responses to address today's most pressing social challenges



Our Work:

Each project is a unique response to an identified challenge. In our journey to address each of these pressing challenges, we work with community stakeholders, partner organizations, and our steering committees to identify and develop the appropriate solutions to create lasting impact. Learn more below and reach out to us to let us know how CoAct can help you create impact. 

Grow Southeast

A joint initiative to build community owned urban farms to address food insecurity.


A joint research project to Identify & develop insights, strategies, and resources to support effective and equitable urban farming in Southeast Fort Worth. 

A Place 4 You

A student virtual summit and gathering space to raise awareness towards and assist students experiencing homelessness.


Mindful Market

A community market to explore and cultivate mindful practices.


Housing Reimagined

Exploring and creating solutions to aid college students experiencing housing insecurity.

Real Stories

A travelling art installation and virtual experience to raise awareness and understanding towards college homelessness.

Exploring a New Norm

Identifying and developing solutions to address the indirect and individual effects of COVID-19.


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