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Mindful Market



The Challenge:

Access to healthy food in East Fort Worth is limited and traveling to local markets can be difficult for residents limited to public transit options. East Fort Worth has some of the lowest mortality rates in Texas. Many of the neighborhoods within these zip codes lie within an identified USDA food desert or are considered low-access areas. The region is 72 square miles and counts for 20% of Fort Worth's population. Within this area are 3 supermarkets and 5 discount grocery stores. High poverty, lack of economic opportunity contribute to food access and basic needs insecurity issues.

Access to healthy food is limited and traveling to local markets can be difficult for residents limited to public transit options. Though, there is a small network of urban farms operating in the area through Grow Southeast, the lack of centralized local market to conduct business limits their ability to effectively serve the communities they reside in. There is a lack of cultural representation at most the farmer's markets in North Texas, that can be attributed to historical norms and the effects of systemic oppression that effects communities of color and communities experiencing food disparities. 

Our Response:

In partnership with Texas Wesleyan University, CoAct created the Mindful Market to address the disparities in accessing fresh locally grown food in East Fort Worth. To align to the diverse communities that inhabit the area, the market was established as a site to explore and cultivate mindful practices that are culturally relevant. To achieve this, the market highlights local vendors that represent communities of color and prioritizes vendors that bring culturally relevant activities and products that aid in supporting longevity and mindfulness.

Project Objectives

1) Create a space that is culturally responsive to the diverse needs of community members. 

2) Attract vendors that prioritize community mindfulness and longevity.   

3) Increase access to locally sourced fruits and vegetables within East Fort Worth. ​

4) Increase access to services and practices that support mindfulness. 

Our Partners

This project would not have been possible without support from the following partners and funders. 


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