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Grow Southeast

Building community owned urban farms to address food insecurity. 



The Challenge: 

Many of the neighborhoods within Southeast Fort Worth lie within an identified USDA food desert. Nearly all of the restaurants are fast food, and within the 34.8 square mile area, there are just 2 grocery stores, and more than 100 convenience stores selling mostly unhealthy snacks, tobacco, and alcohol. Limited employment, transportation, and support services all contribute to high levels of food insecurity and poverty. 

Our Response:

Recognizing the economic disparities that contribute to food insecurity, CoAct in partnership with The Office of Commissioner Brooks and The Healthy Tarrant Collaboration, created Grow Southeast. Grow Southeast functions as a community development initiative to incubate community owned urban farms to combat food insecurity. Through our efforts we help each of our farmers create strategies to become self sufficient.

Long term, each farm serves as a model to expand the capacity of local community members, create policy to support urban agriculture, and create narrative change on urban farming.  


Project Objectives

1) Incubate self sustaining community owned urban farms. 

2) Increase food access & resiliency in South & East Fort Worth. 

3) Create economic opportunities directly through urban agriculture. 

4) Increase capacity of local residents to develop viable urban farms. 

5) Identify, align, and create resources to support urban agriculture in Fort Worth. 

Our Partners

This project would not have been possible without support from the following partners and funders. 

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