Housing Reimagined

Exploring solutions to aid college students experiencing housing insecurity.



The Focus: 

Having available and accessible affordable housing is a challenge for most American cities. We have identified a gap for housing projects that cater to housing insecure or homeless college students.  What solutions can we develop to ensure affordability and availability for the long term? How do build equity in the design of affordable housing? Our focus will be to create solutions that are student centered and are aimed at helping college students, especially those experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. 

Housing is complicated are far more than just construction. It is a multi-discipline affair that requires major capital and years of planning. Any substantial change will require policies and frameworks to allow more organizations to easily develop housing. First though we must fully understand the challenges with affordable housing, how its is financed and built, and what key things will help college students stay on course. With a key understanding of the housing system and the challenges faced by today's college student, we can use built prototypes to create tool-kits and policy reforms to help design replicatable development models to address this pressing challenge.