Real Stories

Raising awareness and understanding towards college homelessness.  



The Challenge: 

The day to day struggle of college students is Real. Outside of the expected pressures of completing a degree, students are facing an increased number of indirect challenges that inhibit their ability to complete their education. The common perception of homelessness often excludes individuals working through unstable and hostile environments. The lack of resources available, coupled with the negative bias towards homelessness, the lack of awareness, and the lack of understanding, make this challenge difficult to identify and resolve. 

Our Response:

Real Stories is a platform to uplift student voices and celebrate them in their entirety. Designed in partnership with our student champions, Real Stories, is a space where students can be their authentic selves and share their experiences. Built as both a traveling art installation and a virtual experience, Real Stories creates a space free of judgement and retaliation to raise awareness and understanding to the unique challenges students face, and their personal perseverance.  


Visit Our Virtual Gallery

Real Stories Virtual builds off our in-person installation to give visitors an immersive experience into the emotional and day to day challenges faced by today's college students. Each gallery is inspired by an individual student story and provides a unique perspective into their journey and who they are as individuals. 


Our Partners

This project would not have been possible without support from the following partners and funders. 

A.J. Muste Foundation 


Current Stories

Que Glenn

Real Stories | Trinity River

CoAct is excited to announce our next viewing of Real Stories at Tarrant County College | Trinity River Campus! Join us during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week November 15th - 19th. Learn more about our Story Session with our student champions below.