Real Stories

Raising awareness and understanding towards college homelessness.  



The Focus: 

There is often a daunting and false perception that comes with homelessness. Honestly, when you think about it what comes to mind when you think of someone experiencing homelessness? Would you think working mother, struggling adolescent, college student, a returning veteran, or recent divorcee? As we come to better understand and empathize with our fellow peers, how might we use these shared collage of stories to change the narrative of homelessness and inspire change? 

Over a period of a month we worked with The Tarrant County Homeless Coalition's Youth Action Board to highlight key insights and design tool-kits so homeless youth could connect with and interview their fellow peers. The collection of stories below is a showcase of their effort to present an accurate narrative on homelessness. To aid in collecting additional insights, the roaming wall will be circulated at different sites to gather more stories and gather reflections from the greater Tarrant County community. 

Due to COVID-19, our strategy has shifted. Working with our student champions, we are proposing the development of an online art gallery that will give students a platform to tell their story in the form of an interactive virtual experience. The roaming wall will be part of the digital experience to collect insights from those that visit the galleries and those that wish to tell their story. 


The Real Stories

Que Glenn