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Real Stories

Welcome to Real Stories Virtual

With the looming uncertainty of COVID-19 our virtual gallery will be open for public viewings till the end of the year. The gallery is built as an immersive experience and will reward participants that take the time to observe and understand each of the pieces. Certain art pieces will contain triggers that will allow you to share additional insights, while others will take you inside the piece itself to further explore the emotional aspects of the student's story. Similar to building a relationship to an individual, the more time you commit, the more you will learn and appreciate.

Real Stories Virtual is a digital gallery hosted on Mozilla Hubs. It is a virtual reality platform that functions very similar to a video game. For those familiar with the game, it plays similar to Minecraft. 


This experience can be enjoyed on your own or with a group of friends and colleagues up to 24 total. 


To better prepare you for the experience we recommend the following.

  • Signing on with a computer that has a keyboard and mouse. Laptop trackpads, tablets, and phones do not perform as well on this platform. 


Navigating the Space:

The exhibit is split between three distinct spaces, The Entry Forum, The Galleries, and The Exit Forum.


The Entry Forum is designed to welcome visitors to the challenge of college homelessness and the history of the project. It is the first space you will experience and will be populated by a few glowing white figures. Each of these figures will have some form of engagement rather it be a survey, additional info, or a link to further support the project. The forum also includes the stories shared at our first in person installation. On the exterior wall, marked Galleries, you can access each of the individual student galleries. 

The Gallery is a unique exhibit built to reflect the individual stories of the students participating. Each will have a distinct feel and content. As with the entry forum, there will be unique points of engagement within some of the pieces. It will up to the curious visitor to find all the hidden interactions. As you progress through the installation, be weary of the opportunities to hear Que's words. 

The Exit Forum is the final space. Similar in look to the Entry Forum, The Exit Forum will give you an opportunity to reflect on your experience. In the exterior area a new piece will be present that will share the insights captured from previous visitors. Once you complete your journey and complete the survey imbedded in the glowing figure, you are free to exit the space.

If you want to take a sneak peak or brave the tour on your own, feel free to visit the link below, otherwise a CoAct team member will reach out to you shortly to schedule your guided tour. As you explore the exhibit, keep an open eye and ear as surprises lie in the most unexpected of places. We look forward to hosting your tour and hope you enjoy your experience! 

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