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e are equipping communities to build urban farms to increase food security. 

Who is CoAct

CoAct is a non-profit social innovation studio. We create lasting social and economic opportunities to address today's most pressing challenges. 


Together, we help community organizations, social enterprises, and foundations

Explore and understand pressing social challenges 
Identify and develop strategic system's level responses
Facilitate idea development and project deployment

Social Innovation

Social Innovation is the process and byproduct of solving a social problem. Through our work we strive to create shared social and economic opportunities that can be replicated.

To achieve this, CoAct sees each initiative as a journey. It is an ambiguous and complex pursuit. As things change, we learn and adjust our approach to make progress. Learn about us and how we design impact.


Social Innovation

 Builds an intimate understanding of the challenge

Join and support us at one of our

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Latest Insights

Learn how we are engaging our communities and the discoveries we are making along the way. 

We help empower people and organizations to create lasting impact .


Ready to solve today's most pressing challenges? 

Jesse, and CoAct have been an indispensable part of our mission - Building vibrant local communities through regenerative urban farming, faithful gathering, and lasting fellowship. We are so grateful they have chosen to partner with us through Grow SE. 


Greg Joel | Farm Manager | Opals Farm  

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