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Together we are creating spaces for intentional participation

The challenges we face are too grand for any one organization or individual to address alone, but together we can make lasting impact. Whether it is serving on the board, joining a steering committee for one of our projects, volunteering, your engagement can help us build a more inclusive and creative future. 


Interested in volunteering at our events or work days, let us know! We are always looking for eager community members ready to help us with hosting our events, building our projects, and responding to our call to actions. 


Join a Steering Committee

Our projects often take us in unexpected directions, so we are always in need of talented and driven community members to help guide our projects. If you are interested in helping us develop, raise funds for, and implement our projects, consider joining a steering committee. 



Inspired by our work and interested in learning how we use design to address local community challenges? Want to take lead in developing and coordinating our projects? Consider an internship with CoAct. Although this is an unpaid position, it is an opportunity to get hands on experience using design in social applications. 


All CoAct interns are expected to work 10 hours a week.

CoAct is a wonderful organization with passionate executives. I look forward to seeing how you develop as a non-profit & the tangible work that you will do in the Fort Worth community. However, this message is not a “goodbye,” for I see myself sticking around for a while, continuing to learn and contribute as my schedule allows. Again, I am thankful for you, your organization, and the summer that we had together

Keegan Myers | Intern | Summer 2020

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