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we can accelerate impact


Here's how CoAct can accelerate impact

We work with grantmakers, nonprofits, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and community groups to design solutions towards today's most pressing and complex social challenges. Our approach is rooted in racial equity and utilizes human-centered design and systems thinking to engage those most effected by inequities through out of the problem-solving process, and create sustainable solutions to meet the unique and unmet needs of those we serve. 


Capacity Building

We can expand organizational capacity to utilize human centered design and systems thinking as part of their problem solving strategy.

Community Centered Design

We can help you clearly identify the challenge you are addressing through equity-driven qualitative research, systems & challenge mapping, and idea creation. 

Project Development

We can help transform bold ideas into a viable concepts and prototypes. Building off insights learned, we can help develop a viable project to bring an idea into implementation. 

Systems Change

We can help build off successful projects and key insights to develop long term policy and system based reform to fuel sustained community impact. 


Tell us how we can help you create impact

We would be honored to partner with your team to help design sustained community impact. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help. 

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