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Real Stories



The Challenge: 

The day to day struggle of college students is Real. Outside of the expected pressures of completing a degree, students are facing an increased number of indirect challenges that inhibit their ability to complete their education. The common perception of homelessness often excludes individuals working through unstable and hostile environments. The lack of resources available, coupled with the negative bias towards homelessness, and misconceptions on the day-to-day student experience, make this challenge difficult to identify and resolve

Our Response:

CoAct in partnership with a collection of student champions created Real Stories to fuel narrative change on the day-to-day experience of college students facing basic needs insecurities and homelessness. Built as both a traveling art installation and a virtual experience, Real Stories creates a space free of judgement and retaliation where students can be their authentic selves and share inspiring stories to raise awareness and understanding to the unique challenges they face, and the extents of their personal perseverance. 

Project Objectives

1) Raise awareness and understanding towards college homelessness. 

2) Create a space free of judgement and retaliation. 

3) Identify the unique and individual challenges faced by students pursuing their education.  

4) Empower students with the tools and skills to amplify their voice and incite change.  

5) Build a network of personal peer support for students. 

Sponsor Real Stories

Real Stories is looking for your support! Join us as a sponsor to help us in honoring our amazing student champions and expanding the narrative on the homeless experience. Become a part of our mission and support CoAct in developing these amazing stories with a scheduled gift today!  

Visit Our Virtual Gallery

Real Stories Virtual builds off our in-person installation to give visitors an immersive experience into the social and emotional challenges faced by today's college students. Each gallery is inspired by an individual student story and provides a unique perspective on their journey into and out of homelessness and where they aspire to be. 

Our Partners

This project would not have been possible without support from the following partners and funders. 



Current Stories

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