Real Stories

Raising awareness and understanding towards college homelessness.  



The Challenge: 

Homelessness is a looming and unyielding experience of uncertainty. For many, the thought of a student of youth experiencing homelessness is unfamiliar or unthinkable. The common perception of homelessness often excludes individuals working through unstable and hostile environments. As we have come to better understand this pressing challenge, we have identified a lack of awareness within our community on youth and college students experiencing homelessness. The resources available to students and youth coupled with the bias towards homelessness make this challenge difficult to identify and resolve. 

Our Response:

Over the last 2 years we worked with The Tarrant County Homeless Coalition's Youth Action Board to develop a youth and student led art project to raise awareness and build a peer based social support network. The goal is to provide a space free of judgement where students and youth can amplify their voice while building up their support networks. Originally planned as a roaming wall that would be circulated at different sites to share stories and gather reflections, COVID-19 forced us to shift our strategy.


Working with our student champions, we have been developing a hybrid online and in-person art installation that will offer participants a unique interactive experience to immerse into the actualities of homelessness and social insecurities.


The digital spectrum gives us an unprecedented opportunity to explore the use of video game engines and virtual reality to drive action on pressing social challenges like homelessness. 

Join Us in Our Journey

An experience spanning both virtual and physical reality. Register for our in person and virtual installations and join us in our journey to raise awareness on college and youth homelessness, celebrate the student and youth champions in their totality, and drive action towards this pressing issue. 




Current Stories

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