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The Power of Design

CoAct was formed on a methodology rather than a single specific issue. This allows us to be nimble and strategic as we utilize our methodologies to carry out our work.

Our methodology embraces the principals of design and systems thinking as a framework to help guide our actions. We recognize design as a creative problem-solving process that is grounded in empathy. It is a powerful tool for turning bold ideas into action. By engaging those we aim to serve, we can get a better understanding of the challenges we aim to address and identify better solutions. 


We understand that before any solution can be developed, ample research into the environmental, economic, social, and cultural challenges must be performed. By using a place and topic-based approach we can identify the overlapping aspects of a challenge, what action is currently being done, who is affected, and how it affects them. Once insights are gained, we recruit the necessary cohort of partners and solutions to accelerate impact and then peel back our involvement, so we do not institutionalize ourselves or compete for resources. We strive to be intentional creating solutions that do not require our constant intervention, and that lay the foundation for future impact. 



Exploration: The exploration phase is about understanding the challenge, the people it impacts, the way it impacts people, and the contributing factors. It is about building a strong understanding of the challenge. 


Discovery: The discovery phase is an opportunity to reflect on the research and insights. It is where we generate ideas, hone our approach, and identify solutions. 


Deployment: The deployment phase is our chance to bring ideas to life, test viable concepts, evaluate results, and scale effective solutions.

This process is not always linear and throughout we may find ourselves revisiting items as new insights emerge and our narrative changes. 


Our Objectives

Discover Possibilities: Knowing what the challenge is about is a crucial first step. Through research and engagement we are able to gain insights from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and those most effected to reveal and understand the intimate aspects of the challenges we aim to solve. This helps us create a shared narrative to better navigate the complexities of the challenge as we search for solutions.


Build and Enhance Capacity: Lessons learned turn to shared knowledge. We develop in-person learning formats, engage future talent, and provide tools to amplify local leadership knowledge in creative problem solving.


Empower the Community: Through grassroots efforts and effective engagement strategies we provide options for communities to be key contributors to the issues they are most effected by and  share in creating solutions. 


Deploy Scalable Solutions: Our approach is focused on building scale and sustainability to accelerate broad impact. Through our collective impact model, topic-based approach, and our emphasis on experimentation we expedite and test new concepts in sync with the challenge at hand.

Foster Collective Impact: Through our network of partners, we develop a shared strategy to better address the complexities of these difficult challenges and maximize impact.