we create solutions

The Power of Design

CoAct was formed on a methodology rather than a single specific issue. We recognize human centered design and systems thinking as creative problem-solving processes that can turn bold insights and ideas into long term impact.


We engage with those most impacted by the challenges we aim to address. This allows us to align our efforts towards the unique and individual challenges our communities face and create more responsive solutions. Once insights are gained, we recruit the necessary cohort of partners to accelerate impact, deploy successful solutions, and create strategic responses. We work to create the necessary tools so communities can replicate our results and contribute to creating shared impact. 


We strive to be intentional creating solutions that will not require our constant intervention, and that lay the foundation for future impact. 


Exploration: The exploration phase is about understanding the challenge, the people it impacts, the way it impacts people, and the contributing factors. It is about building a strong understanding of the challenge. 


Discovery: The discovery phase is an opportunity to reflect on the research and insights. It is where we generate ideas, hone our approach, and identify solutions. 


Deployment: The deployment phase is our chance to bring ideas to life, test viable concepts, evaluate results, and scale effective solutions.

This process is not always linear and throughout we may find ourselves revisiting items as new insights emerge and our narrative changes. 



Our Objectives

Immerse in the Challenge: By gaining a firm understanding of the challenge, who it effects, and how it effects them, we can create more responsive, inclusive, and creative solutions. 


Build and Enhance Capacity: Lessons learned turn to shared knowledge. We develop learning formats and provide tools to amplify local leadership knowledge in solving relevant social problems.


Empower the Community: We imbue community members with stake and work alongside them to plan and implement our projects. 


Deploy Scalable Solutions: Our approach is focused on building community solutions that can become self sufficient. We understand that true impact is achieve through the champions we serve. 

Create Collective Action: We equip the communities we serve to continue the work and create sustained impact. Change does not happen with us alone.