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Housing Reimagined



The Challenge: 

A recent study done by Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab discovered that about 12% of college students are experiencing homelessness across the nation. Locally in Tarrant County, 32% are experiencing food insecurity and 52% show signs of housing insecurity. As we explore this challenge our goal is to find ways to address the immediate needs as we discover tangible long term solutions.

Our Response:

Identifying a gap in housing projects that cater to housing insecure or homeless college students, we set out to explore different housing types and expand our knowledge on affordable housing strategies. Hosting a series of forums on different housing, design, and entrepreneurial topics, we expanded our knowledge on developing more comprehensive housing solutions. 

As we emerge from the pandemic, our strategy will be focused on developing a student-centered steering committee to aid in developing the project and capturing key insights to inform the development of affordable and accessible student centered housing solutions. 

Project Objectives

1) Identify unique and individual challenges faced by college students. 

2) Explore affordable housing designs that align to student needs.

3) Explore viable models in housing, policy, and funding that support student centered housing. 

4) Identify viable housing concepts, policies, and resources needed to create student centered housing and the unique needs of students in Tarrant County. 


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