How do we help align resources and ideas to help address the effects of  a growing pandemic?



The Focus: 

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading, the need for resources can not be stressed enough. With a shut down of major industries and local businesses alike, the full ramifications of this outbreak have yet to be seen. How can we compile resources and grass root efforts in the interim while we prepare for more substantial long term solutions? 

The Strategy

Valid information and reliable resources are essential to help our communities address their immediate needs. As we discover what resources are being provided we will be able to better identify gaps in our efforts to address this pandemic. These become opportunities to design solutions as we come to better understand how this challenge is effecting our communities.

Current Resources

General Information

Information, guidelines, and handbooks on COVID-19 and social distancing. Also includes information for drive through testing facilities.

School Information

Information on North Texas Local Independent School District responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Non-Profit Resources

Information, guidelines, and strategies for non-profit organizations working through COVID-19. 

Child Care

Resources for child care or child related challenges as a result to COVID-19.

Public Service Information

Information, guidelines, and strategies on COVID-19 for public and essential service providers such as transit, water, garbage, and food.

Social and Support Services

Local resources and funding to help residents with rent assistance, clothing, and other needs in North Texas.  

Business Resources

Information, guidelines, and strategies for businesses working through COVID-19. 


Resources for Educators and Schools working through COVID-19.

Municipal Information

Information on North Texas municipal responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Includes State, County, and individual City / Town interpretations.

Food Resources

Local resources including Meals on Wheels and other charitable groups helping provide food.

At Home Activities

Ideas, toolkits, and resources for creative and essential things that can be done from home or while working mobile.

College Students

Resources for college student students impacted by COVID-19.

Together, we can build an inclusive and creative future. 
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