Tarrant County

Homeless Coalition

Central hub of information for the COVID-19 response to aid homeless service providers in Tarrant County.


During a Crisis

A short guide of tips for communicating during the COVID-19 outbreak.

North Texas Cares

Support loans offered to small non-profits as defined by the Small Business Administration effected by COVID-19.

COVID Cap is a searchable database of over $1 trillion in COVID-19 cash relief resources available to small business and nonprofit entrepreneurs everywhere. 


Board Guide

Recommendations from Boardsource on how non-profit Boards can effectively manage changes due to COVID-19.

Communication Triage Kit

A crowdsource hub of best practices, resources, and examples of effective crisis commucations from foundations and nonprofits covering many of the tasks non-profits are likely attending to.

Fundraising During the Pandemic

A collection of strategies for fundraising through the COVID-19 pandemic by Techsoup.

Event Planning

Tips & Tools

A comprehensive list of tips, tools, and examples for event organizers to use to during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

North Texas Cares

North Texas Cares is a funder collaborative made up of North Texas foundations and United Ways that have come together to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most negatively affected by COVID-19.

Remote Volunteers

A list of online meeting tools and strategies for remote volunteers.

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