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Near Southside

Resource Guide

Information on resources for businesses effected by COVID-19, and specific resources for Near Southside Fort Worth community members.

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Tax Assistance

An emergency hotline through the Texas Comptrollers's Office to help businesses struggling to pay taxes to the State.

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COVID Cap is a searchable database of over $1 trillion in COVID-19 cash relief resources available to small business and nonprofit entrepreneurs everywhere. 

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Small Business


Central hub of resources to help businesses effected by COVID-19.

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Employee Paid Sick Leave

An overview of H.R. 6201, Families First Coronavirus Response Act and then benefits offered to employers and employees. 

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City of Fort Worth

Central hub of information for us by businesses effected by COVID-19 in the City of Fort Worth. Also includes latest updates to 

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Texas Workforce


A central hub of resources for employers, job seekers, and people looking for childcare resources. 

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