How do we understand the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19 so we may discover solutions to aid in building a community response?



The Challenge: 

COVID-19 will likely change many norms for us. As we come to understand the full effects of this global pandemic, needs will arise, requiring an immediate response. Yet, many of the contributing factors will stem from existing disparities that have been elevated to new extremes. How do we come to better understand this challenge so we may design not only short term options, but long term systems wide solutions?


The Strategy

The full effects of this have yet to be seen just yet. As a starting point, a crowd-sourced hub of resources and ideas may be able to offer some relief to those effected directly and indirectly by the COVID-19 outbreak. As we gain insights, we will shift our focus to highlight solutions that can provide stability in times of uncertainty and help us prepare for the next steps. 

Current Projects

Resource Hub

How might we use a central hub of resources to help illuminate gaps, while proving valuable information to those in need?

Exploring a New Norm

How might we look at childcare and other household essential needs differently as we undergo the effects of COVID-19?

Have an idea or resource that might help?

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