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Community Market

Building a community market to address food insecurity, celebrate locale businesses, and serve residents in Southeast Fort Worth. 



The Focus

There is a shared interest with the farmers participating in Grow Southeast, another CoAct initiative, to develop a localized farmers market in Southeast Fort Worth to better engage and serve the communities they represent. Additionally, this interest is shared by multiple community groups and institutions who want to see solutions that support healthier lifestyles. 

Our launch, scheduled May 22nd, will be an opportunity to celebrate local business, align services, and host activities to support a healthier lifestyle. Given the uncertainty with COVID-19, the limited amount of local growers, and the entrenched inequities present in South and Southeast Fort Worth, we are being intentional in using this market, not as a final solution, but rather an opportunity to explore how a community market can best serve Southeast Fort Worth.


May 22nd Market Launch.png