Community Market

Building a community market to address food insecurity, celebrate local businesses, and serve residents in Southeast Fort Worth. 



The Challenge:

Many of the neighborhoods within Southeast Fort Worth lie within an identified USDA food desert. Nearly all of the restaurants are fast food, and within the 34.8 square mile area, there are just 2 grocery stores, and more than 100 convenience stores selling mostly unhealthy snacks, tobacco, and alcohol. Limited employment, transportation, and support services all contribute to high levels of food insecurity and poverty. 

Our Response:

To address the lack of employment options, healthy food and services, opportunities for community dialogue, and understanding of food insecurity, CoAct is exploring strategies to utilize a shared public space to offer South and Southeast Fort Worth a common platform to address these pressing issues. Over the next few months our goal is to recruit a body of diverse stakeholders from the community, businesses, and local organizations to dive deeper into key challenges and identify potential solutions to alleviate these challenges. 

Our launch on June 12th was the first step towards building an equitable space to host share diverse insights and serve Southeast Fort Worth.

Interesting in joining our effort to help us develop this project, then sign up below and let us know how you would like to support this effort. 

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