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Our Mission

CoAct is a non-profit social impact studio that develops creative and inclusive solutions to address the pressing challenges our communities face. We equip our partners with the knowledge, capacity, and support systems to aid in creating lasting impact. 

Learn more about how we use design and systems thinking to create scalable change. 

The Challenge 

When developing solutions to society's most pressing challenges, the communities we aim to serve are often left out of the discussion. This can lead organizations to fund and implement solutions that are novel, but separated from the day-to-day experiences of those they aim to serve. Today's social challenges are complicated, often with many intersecting issues that require in depth exploration to understand and effectively respond to.


The Vision 

We imagine a future, where well-being is common, our environment is healthy, and wealth is shared. We see our victory in the solutions and support systems we leave behind that build the foundation for future work. Impact is our currency, and we look to define our legacy based on the lives that we improve.

Our Values

Work Collectively: The challenges we face require collective efforts. We bring together diverse practitioners to inspire creative thinking and to share their unique perspectives to help us address our challenges. 

Work with Intention:  Impact requires putting great ideas into action and taking the necessary shifts to ensure success when obstacles arise. Persistence and dedication are key to implementing change. 

Work with Ambition: We embrace grand challenges and the potential they bring to build partnerships and bold solutions. 


Work with Openness: We are authentically intentional and transparent with our work. We aim to share insights and build foundations, so the work does not end with us.  

Work with Care: Equity is the foundation of our work. We create environments to ensure the voices and ideas of all stakeholders are taken seriously. 

Work with Knowledge: We embrace the factual details of our work. By better understanding the challenges, we can design better solutions.